Cafe Addition to Celebration Church St Johns.

ShayCore added on a new cafe and a couple classrooms for the Celebration Church in St. Johns County.

ShayCore Remodels 7074 Red Robin

Another rental remodel done with excellence by ShayCore

Wonderful Remodel of 1692 Aletha Manor

1692 Aletga Manor was a skillful remodel of a quirky property. Check out the results.

ShayCore helps dominate flag foootball at EverBank field

ShayCore was invited to participate on the Wells Fargo’s “Any Given Sunday” customer appreciation event. The event set up 4 teams made up of Wells Fargo Bankers and their business clients. With William Killganon jr. sidelined as he continues his recovery from a knee injury. ShayCore Representative Cameron and Josh helped the teal squad to dominating victories as the team won the Championship. After the games there was a reception in the Bud Zone.

We really enjoyed the event and felt very appreciated by the Wells Fargo staff.

ShayCore Rental Remodel At 324 Linden Lane

The full remodel at 324 Linden Lane is now finished and looks great.

An Explanation of FHA 203k Loans

A 203k loan takes an experienced General Contractor to help you along the way. At ShayCore we look forward to helping people with the 203k loan process. We will start with a short explanation.

Allow me to set the scenario,  You find a location you would love to live in. You find the prefect lot, and on it a house.  A house that has seen better days, and has not had a family in some time. A house you plan to make a home. After extended repairs and renovation this house will be perfect. Excited about the ability to renovate the property you speak to the loan officer helping you buy the home. One problem, you cannot purchase the property in the current condition. It is in to much disrepair for the bank to mortgage. This is where the FHA 203k loan comes in.

We are not in the finance business, but we would like to give you some info about the 203k loan program. If this interests you, you should speak to a loan officer familiar with the program. A 203k loan program has been around since the 70’s and  helps update older properties in need of repairs. It allows for a person to receive a loan to cover the cost of a house and renovations. For example, if you find a house for $75,000 and it needs $50,000 in repairs, you can get financing of $125,000 to cover the purchase and the renovation.

Let’s get some details.

  • Down payments are 3.5% of the total amount loaned.
  • As the buyer, you must hire a contractor, preferably one that is familiar with 203k.  www.shaycore.com For example.
  • The contractor(s) bids must be approved by the lender and a 203k consultant.
  • The 203k consultant will also list your desired repairs as “Required” and “Wish List”
  • An appraiser must take this information and give an “After Improved Value”
  • You as the buyer, along with the consultant and the appraiser, select the renovations the contractor will do.
  • The purchase amount is payed to the seller, then the repair costs are set aside until you draw them to pay the contractor.
  • You can add up to 6 months of mortgage payments into the repair costs.
  • The last thing done is the final

The FHA 203k loan can be a great tool for the people that are looking for purchasing and upgrading a house. It can be used for upgrades on any house. There is no income limits. You can have any renovations that bring up the property value to a comparable homes in the area. Most additions are allowed including kitchen and bathroom remodels, structural additions, flooring, painting or even energy conservation changes. There are a few additions that are not allowed such as a new pool, new tennis court, or outdoor fire place. You cannot renovate for any commercial use. A 203k loan officer could provide further details. Hopefully this explains some of the detail of the FHA 203k loan.

For more information check out HUD.GOV and if you decide to look into a 203k loan please remember ShayCore as a General Contractor with experience.

Shaycore’s Profile on the INC.500 List

As promised in an earlier blog here is the link to Shaycore’s profile as #361 on the INC.500 list.


ShayCore’s page on INC.500


Again we are excited that we made the list, and even more so about the position. We are celebrating our accomplishment while setting a new goal to stay on the list for years to come.


Also congratulations to Jacksonville Wealth Builders. This great company that we partner with came in as #362 next to ShayCore on the list.

Shaycore Finishes Remodel at 4317 Rosewood

A great new remodel was recently finished at 4317 Rosewood. We at  ShayCore as well as our client are happy with the result.

2304 Myra Street, remodeled by ShayCore

We greatly enjoyed Remodeling the property at 2304 Myra Street. Here are some pictures of the final product.

Shaycore’s William Kilgannon jr. Named on top 30 under 30 list.

Buzz Magazine and Suite have named ShayCore’s, William Kilgannon, JrWilliam Kilgannon Jr Jacksonville to their annual Top 30 under 30 list. Bill jr. received his award at the wonderful ceremony put on by Suite. Those lucky enough to attend the celebration were treated to the highest level of hospitality at the Suite Nightclub. The award is given to professionals under 30 that excel at their passions. After all the company awards that Bill Jr. has helped Shaycore recently achieve, it is about time he got recognized for what he has achieved. His successes at what, relative to his peers, is a young age, is a testament to the hard work and determination that we see everyday at Shaycore.

Congratulation William Kilgannon Jr.!

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Jacksonville Business Journal Fastest 50

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I feel I got the most for my money with ShayCore.  Jim Doss was a pleasure to work with and always professional.  I will use ShayCore again in the future!
Cory Primm

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