New Year, New Logo, New Office Decorations

2012 was a great year for Shaycore. We received both local and national recognition for growth and excellence in leadership. It was a honor to be listed with some of the best companies in Jacksonville, and the entire Nation. This time of year is great to look back, but we are more interested in looking forward.

As we look forward on 2013 and beyond, changes have been made. The office is now decorated with our new more modern logo.  Keeping our colors the same, we changed the logo stylistically to show a modern and forward thinking company. Also, we just love it. Next we got some of our favorite job photos printed up and framed around the office. They are a great reminder of the great things that we have accomplished. Also they show the standard that we have set for ourselves.

This space is now a great place to continue moving forward and improving as a company. Our New Year will be happy, and we all hope yours will be the same.

Happy New Year!