ShayCore Named #361 on the INC. 500 List

As we mentioned in a past blog post (ShayCore INC 500) ShayCore was a finalist for the INC. magazine  500 list. We are proud to announce that we are #361. As this is a nationwide list of the fastest growing privately held companies, just being a finalist was a great honor. Making the list is truly a grand reward for the hard work, determination, and incredible skill put in by every employee, every day. An accolade like this is not the reason for our dedication and immense work ethic, but the award does confirm our passion for this enterprise . This honor will re-energize and re-enthuse our efforts as we move forward. Knowing that we have been recognized as one of the best will help us to continue striving for and achieving the highest standards for years to come. A big “thank you” must go out to every employee that has been on this journey with us. Thank you for being passionate about your work and this company we appreciate all that you do, have done and will do.

The INC. top 500 list will be in the newest INC. (august 2012) and the website updated by the beginning of September. is a great source for information and articles relating to business, innovation and leadership. If this interests or pertains to you in any way, we recommend checking out the vast resources on the page. We will post a link to the list and our position as it becomes available later this month.